• I hope I have provided useful opinions and comments. I may use the prize to contribute towards a nonprofit that I am starting with a group of people that relates to heart patients and their recovery from heart problems. We are about to submit a form 1023 to the IRS applying for tax exempt status and this could contribute to the fees for that application.
  • I had a heart transplant 6 years ago and am doing well heartwise, however, I am still paying for all my medical bills and medicines. I also have diabetes, back surgery, kidney failure, prostate cancer, shingles, gout and neopathy. I plan on using this money to help pay for these medical bills.
  • I am a retired employee of Cleveland Clinic and have enjoyed the opportunity to stay connected and being a part in patient care/concern.

    You are doing an excellent job.
  • I have had an enjoyable experience ever since being invited and signing up for the Cleveland Clinic Patient Forum. Being a long standing patient of Cleveland Clinic has allowed me to see the growth and opportunity over the years.
  • Thank you very much. I really enjoy doing your surveys. It makes me feel like I help in some of the decisions that are made at the Cleveland Clinic. Thanks again
  • My feedback about the Cleveland Clinic Patient Forum is that it's a great way for the Cleveland Clinic to get input about their programs, and I enjoyed helping with input about the new web site.
  • I have enjoyed being part of the patient forum to see some of the ideas the Cleveland Clinic is considering. It is great to know the Clinic takes patient opinions into account when developing new programs, communications, etc. I appreciated how the surveys have typically been short and focused on a certain topic.
  • This is useful in that it makes me feel the Cleveland Clinic actually cares about its patients and their concerns.
  • I have felt privileged to participate in the survey process and made to feel that my opinions and comments matter. Thank you.
  • Great idea and one that helps make you one of the best hospitals in the country.
  • I appreciate the interest shown in my opinions and involvement.
  • I appreciate the opportunity to participate in this forum, again, to help with the tweaking/improvement of any aspect of the Clinic so that it is better understood by staff and community.
  • It is good to know that the clinic cares enough to do things like this.
  • Please continue to send the forums, if the questions are something that I deal with personally at CCF - then I want my opinion known.


As a Cleveland Clinic patient, we value your perspective. We invite you to share your experiences and opinions through our online Patient Panel, and to help us enhance future patient experiences for yourself as well as others.

Panel members are contacted via email once or twice each month and asked to complete short online surveys on a wide variety of healthcare related topics including the following:

  • Share patient experiences
  • Voice your opinions regarding new products and services
  • Evaluate potential advertising materials 
  • Have an opportunity to be included in various Discussion Boards
  • And more!!!!

By joining, you will have the opportunity to influence decision-makers at Cleveland Clinic.  Be assured that your responses will be kept confidential and the information you provide will always be reviewed along with that of other panel members, not on an individual basis.

When you join the panel by completing the new member questionnaire you will be entered into a drawing to win one of two $250 checks. We appreciate you taking the time to complete this survey and your willingness to help other patients.

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